Winning Gun Bash Tickets

Door ticket 1 - 243

Door ticket 2 - 260

Door ticket 3 - 027

Door ticket 4 - 098

Door ticket 5 - 178

Door ticket 6 - 041

Door ticket 7 - 101

Door ticket 8 - 481

      Members and Guests!

    We will have a United States Concealed Carry certified class on Saturday, March 25th.  If you are interested, email

    Our club is composed of members interested in the conservation of wildlife, promotion/improvement of fishing and hunting conditions, and participation in activities pertaining to the outdoors.


    Outdoor range hours are dawn until dusk, Monday - Saturday, and from 1:00pm Sunday until dusk.  PLEASE police your brass, especially out in the grass.  We have had quite a bit left in the field and these become dangerous projectiles when our guys are mowing.

    Rifle League!

    ​Our Rifle league starts back up March 27th at 7 p.m.


    Visit our Calendar page to see our upcoming events


    Interested in bringing Natural Gas to our area?  Click this link and fill out the Peoples Gas Community Request  form to be contacted.

    Bulletin Board!

    Check back often for notices of upcoming events!

    Gun Bash!

    Winning numbers are below!

    Our first gun bash was a HUGE success!  Thanks to everyone who came.  Please send us any feedback via the Contact page.  Also, thank you to all the volunteers.  We couldn't have done it without you.

    We now have an ATM machine at the club for your convenience at bingo and all other events

    Winning Gun Bash Tickets

    Door ticket 9 - 294

    Door ticket 10 - 294

    Door ticket 11 - 225

    Door ticket 12 - 145

    Door ticket 13 - 449

    Door ticket 14 -130

    Door ticket 15 - 487

    55" LED TV - 953025

    Final Prize A/R 15 - 227735


      NRA Affiliated

      Promoting shooting sports

      A safe and family friendly place to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights

      Members and Guests!

      Our community Easter Egg Hunt will be Saturday, April 8th!  We need members to sign up to help and we will post further details when available.