2023 Officers

President:           Tim Martin

Vice President:   

Treasurer:           Bob Ressler  

Secretary:           Scott Hamley


  2022 - 24      Charlie Sorchilla, Jr       

                       John Gojmerac    

  2023 - 25      Ed Naylor    

​                       Dan Goswick     

  2024 - 26      Ron Covalt    

                       Sue Rohal    

About Sandybottom

  • For over 60 years, the Sandybottom Sportsmens Club has promoted the shooting, hunting, archery, fishing, and other outdoor sports
  • We accept new members throughout the year.  To join:
    • ​You must be sponsored by an active member
    • Pay initial annual dues of $50 and an initiation fee of $10 (annual dues are reduced to $10 per year if you attain Member In Good Standing status)
    • Note!  To attain Member In Good Standing status you must perform 24 hours of service to the club during the calendar year
  • We have the finest indoor range in the area with motorized target holders.  The following applies to the indoor range:
    • ​All ammunition must be non-jacketed with a muzzle-exit velocity less than 1,000fps
    • The range is available 24/7 to Members In Good Standing but we ask shooters to not use the range during our Thursday evening Bingo
    • You must be a member to shoot in the leagues
  • ​We have an outdoor range offering four benches with a 97yd backstop
  • ​We have the following leagues:
    • ​22 LR-Pistol
    • 22 LR-Rifle
    • Center Fire (Requires a muzzle velocity of 1000 FPS or under and solid lead bullets)
    • Junior Rifle
  • ​​Sandybottom performs many services for the community including:
    • A community Easter Egg Hunt where we have nearly 100 participants
    • ​A Kid's Fishing Days weekend each spring where we rent and stock a local lake and give out prizes in numerous categories
    • Multiple stockings of the Conemaugh river and many feeder streams
    • Provide a community Park-and-Ride lot
    • Offer a free "sight-in" day for hunters to zero their rifles
  • ​Various classes including:
    • ​NRA Basic Pistol Phase II training resulting in an NRA certfication
    • NRA Refuse to Be a Victim
    • NRA Basic Rifle certification
    • NRA Certified Home Firearm Safety
    • ​NRA Personal Protection in the Home
    • United States Concealed Carry certification
    • Email RickTudor@Comcast.net or complete our Contact Us form for more information on our classes