2018 Dues!
We will start collecting 2018 dues at the next monthly meeting, Nov. 5th.  Dues are $10 for Members in Good Standing, having achieved 24 hours of service in 2017, and $40 for regular members.  

Gun Bash Tickets!
Tickets are ready for our Gun Bash which will be Saturday, March 10, 2018.  Remember, you will receive 1hr of service for each ticket sold.  Tickets sold during 2017 count toward your 2017 Member in Good Standing status for dues.  

Leagues are Starting!
The Center Fire league starts Wednesday, December 27th, at 7:00. 

The .22Lr Pistol league will start Monday, January 8th, also at 7:00


Indoor .22 Bench Rest Match!
Thad Gibbons will be running an indoor, bench rest, .22 rifle, match on Fridays at our indoor range.  All members are welcome.  The shoot will start this week, at 6:00PM, and will continue until further notice.

NRA Affiliated

Promoting shooting sports

A safe and family friendly place to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights

Our club is composed of members interested in the conservation of wildlife, promotion/improvement of fishing and hunting conditions, and participation in activities pertaining to the outdoors.


Outdoor range hours are dawn until dusk, Monday - Saturday, and from 1:00pm Sunday until dusk.  PLEASE police your brass, especially out in the grass.  We have had quite a bit left in the field and these become dangerous projectiles when our guys are mowing.

Members and Guests!

Bingo is going VERY well!  Join us on Thursdays.  Doors open at 5:30 and official start is 6:30.